Disney Characters visit Prins Willem School,Hand out gifts


December 9, 2008, members of the Disney Volunteer staff aboard the Disney Cruise Line appeared before some screaming students to give them gifts.

The Disney characters of Mickey and Mini Mouse, Pluto, and the Chippendales were on hand to hand out gifts to the students at the Prins Willem Alexander School.This is the 13th annual gift giving ceremony.

Commissioner Heyliger could not be present due to circumstances, and extended his best wishes to the students, parents, teachers, and the principal.

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There were 120 gifts to be given out by the Disney Characters, and each one was appreciated by the students. These students were praised by the principal of the school, Ms. Malva Brooks-Brill, who said that they have been very good. "We all should be proud of them. They can do more work than we think they can. They try their best. I believe in each one of them. These kids are special. We have here to bring out the best in them so that each child can reach their potential," the principal said.

Though the famed group left today, there are 120 more gifts from the Disney Corporation that were requested. These gifts will be given to the most outstanding students at four other schools, namely: Sister Magda, Sister Borgia, and the two Campuses of the Methodist Agogic Center (MAC), Rev. Gumbs and the B. Millard Campus.