Central Committee meeting held December 8, 2008,

December 8, 2008, there was a Central Committee meeting in the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall to discuss a pilot project of video camera in Philipsburg, an issue with a work permit, and the budget amendment 2008.

Chairman of the Central Committee, opened the meeting and welcomed everyone present. There were no incoming pieces or other issues besides the other main agenda points.

The floor was given to Governor Franklin Richards who briefed the members of the central committee/island council on the forthcoming pilot project to install surveillance cameras through Philipsburg, namely on the broad walk and several spots on front street. Currently the laws and treaties on privacy and human rights have been reviewed and amended accordingly, so that it will not be illegal to operate the equipment. 

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The project is intended to assist the Police Department in surveillance matters but as well in prevention and monitoring of crime in and around the Philipsburg area.

Chief of Police, Commissioner Richard Pannefleck, was also on hand to give an added elucidation, providing details of the project.

Once the pilot phase has been completed, there will be a review, a Term of Reference drawn up, and the project put on bid, which will ensure as best as possible an equal chance for other and all companies wanting to submit a proposal for said project.

There are several steps that have to be taken before the pilot project will be executed. Though there are numerous questions surrounding the surveillance system, it is assured that measures are in place for the optimal operation of proposed system.

The next agenda point dealt with a request for a Director’s License; while the following agenda point dealt with the 2nd Budget Amendment 2008. There was a presentation by Sector Director of Resources, Hiro Shigemoto, on the budget changes, namely the adjustments that occurred throughout the time period. The committee members were briefed about the amendments.

All these issues have been approved to be brought to the Island Council.