Commissioner Wescot attends ceremony at PJIA, 65th anniversary


Wednesday morning, December 3, 2008, Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams attended an event, which commemorated the 65th anniversary of the Princess Juliana International Airport. The theme was "Excellence doesn’t just happen, People make it happen."

At the ceremony, Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams and the President of PJIA, drs. Eugene Holiday addressed the audience.

Commissioner Wescot-Williams agreed with the theme, saying that it takes the collective contribution of each worker at the airport to make the airport great; thus, she said, I encourage you to continue on this path of progress. Every individual has a role to play; do your best, for excellence does not just happen.

President of PJIA, mr. Holiday, spoke about the airport prospects, the effort of the workers, and the future plans.

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According to the president, the dedication to the employees of the airport for this year’s commemoration was apropos seeing the enormous amount of work over the years they have contributed to the growth of the airport, "an institution which symbolizes the dynamism, strength and heart beat of our island…"

"The airport has served St. Maarten/St. Martin and surrounding island with distinction, thanks to the dedication, commitment and tireless efforts of many individuals, … and in particular our airport workers."

Holiday further pointed out some critical measures that were expected, namely: executing the rerouting of the airport road; introducing runway end safety-areas; developing new air service; and branding of the airport shopping mall with the name: "So much more."

After the addresses, a collage was revealed of 65 pictures that will be hung in prominent location within the airport premises.