Intense general controls held on Sint Eustatius


On the request of the Acting Division Head of Police on the island of Sint Eustatius, the inspector Q. ROGERS, to the Acting Chief of Police of the Windward Islands R.J.J. PANNEFLEK, asking for additional manpower to carry out general controls on the island of Statia, six members of then Zero-tolerance Team flew over on Monday November 17th to the island to give the necessary assistance. The controls started out on Tuesday morning November 18th. The controls were carried out by members of the Local police force, members of the Zero Tolerance team ( Sint Maarten) and members of VKE ( Vrijwilligers Korps Sint Eustatius). The controls were focused on the violation of the Traffic Ordinance, Illegal drug laws, Fire arms and weapons laws and Immigration laws. By carrying -out these controls it would be step forward in suppressing any criminal behavior or activity among the general community and mainly among the youth and in doing so it will creative a greater sense of safety among the community of Statia. A total of 95 vehicles were stopped during the controls, 22 fines were given to traffic violators and 11 vehicle were taken in to the police station. All flights coming into the island and cargo ships coming into the harbour were checked. Numerous construction sites and workplaces were suspected illegal persons were working were visited and checked. Several snacks, restaurants and bars were checked to see if all permits were in order. Intense controls were also carried-out on those area which are known to be "hotspots" (blocks) for illegal drugs and weapons.

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On Wednesday November 19th, the control-team visited the Gwendoline van PUTTEN school (V.S.B.O.) on the request of the principal Mrs. C. BERKEL, in order to assist with a safety search of student school bags. The request was done based on the recent fights among students whereby weapons were used and also based on information of drugs use of the student of that school. The search were carried out with full cooperation of the all students and without incidents. No weapons or drugs were found. After the search, all student were gathered in the sitting area in front of the cantine, where the Principal of the school Mrs. C. BERKEL, Sergeant R.L. HODGE and Inspector R.V. HENSON were given the opportunity to speak to the students, about the reason for the search, crime and criminal activities, gang violence, drugs abuse and the negative impact and consequences they have.

The general controls ended on Thursday evening November 20th.

All and all the controls were successful. The police dept. of Sint Eustatius is sending out words of thanks to the entire community for their cooperation.