EPIC’s Environmental Education program Intern

Environmental education is an important aspect of the "Love the Lagoon" project, launched last year by Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC). EPIC’s intern Meghan Kelly an Environmental Education Specialist, is on the island to give presentations and lead field trips focused on the island’s wetlands and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Kelly is an environmental educator and certified teacher from the U.S where she taught science as well as outdoor environmental education. Kelly also has a degree in Animal Science with a focus on Wildlife Conservation and Biology from the University of Delaware. 

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Public environmental education is crucial for St. Maarten’s future. It is important to understand the effect our actions have on our surroundings. EPIC invites all schools, churches, clubs and service organizations to schedule free environmental education presentations or field trips now until December 22.

Those interested in participating can contact Meghan Kelly via e-mail at intern@epicislands.org or by phone at 599-545-3009. For more information about EPIC’s Love the Lagoon project, visit www.epicislands.org.

photo of EPIC Environmental Education Intern Meghan Kelly interacting with pupils of Grade 4 at the Martin Luther King School (Photo by MLK School Teacher Stuart Johnson)

Rueben J. Thompson
Independent Project Manager
Love the Lagoon
Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC)
Sint Maarten, Netherlands Antilles