Dengue Outbreak: Laboratory Confirmed Cases from November 1 up to November 15 nine, 110 test results

Dengue Outbreak: Laboratory Confirmed Cases from November 1 up to November 15 nine, 110 test results for November still pending review;

Dengue Action Response Team (DART), the Island Governments multidisciplinary team coordinating the nation’s dengue response, confirmed on Thursday that from November 1 up until November 15, there were nine laboratory confirmed cases of dengue fever, and this figure is expected to increase as 110 laboratory test results are still pending review.

Vector Control teams are continuing with their house-to-house/yard inspections and have just started the districts of Middle Region and Dutch Quarter.

Hygiene & Veterinary Department Inspector Maria van Heyningen told the Government Information Service (GIS) that inspection teams have been coming across a lot of containers that can hold water – a breeding ground for mosquito’s -, and the department is making an urgent appeal to residents to take measures.

Teams have already completed inspections in Point Blanche, Philipsburg, Fort William, Over the Bank, and Suckergarden. Vector control teams carry out their inspections from 8.00am to 12.00pm.

The house-to-house/yard inspections are part of the public health response to dengue on the island and are part of an intensified community campaign to eradicate the mosquito that carries dengue fever. 

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The Hygiene & Veterinary Department is also continuing with its vector control measures of fogging the different districts which is based on good weather conditions. Rainy weather dilutes the chemicals used making it useless against destroying mosquito populations.

Fogging has started in the residential areas of Dutch Quarter and Middle Region. Areas recently completed were Madame Estate, Arch Road, Suckergarden, the Keys, Defiance, St. James Estate, A.T. Illidge Road and Guana Bay.

Vector control teams have also visited all schools conducting inspections which were expected to be completed on Thursday.

The DART Team is requesting every household to take immediate measures to prevent mosquito breeding. The only way to stop the dengue outbreak from spreading is by every household taking mosquito breeding preventive action. By taking measures, you are protecting your family from getting dengue fever.

Preventive actions that every household should take are: Debris, old tires and standing clear/clean water in yards are the main source and breeding ground for mosquitoes bringing about an increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases. These areas should be immediately eliminated.

Immediately check for clear/clean standing water in roof spouts, empty drums, buckets, jars, birdbaths, boats, plant containers, saucers, paint cans and other items that can collect water around your homes and businesses. Where clear/clean standing water exists, one can use small amounts of kerosene, just to cover the surface as a measure to prevent mosquito breeding or just get rid of the container.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne infection that causes a severe flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults, but seldom causes death, however two persons have died since the outbreak and therefore you are urgently advised to take immediate measures to protect your family.

Anyone requiring information concerning measures to prevent mosquito breeding or to report areas of standing water, overgrown vegetation etc should immediately call the Hygiene Department at 542-2079.