Another gas reduction on Monday

Commissioner of Economic Affairs Maria Buncamper-Molanus announced yesterday that unleaded and diesel gasoline as well as cooking gas will be reduced as of Monday, November 23. Unleaded gasoline will be reduced by Naf 0.15 cents and diesel by Naf 0.15 cents.

Therefore, as of Monday, unleaded gasoline will be reduced from Naf 1.90 per liter to Naf 1.75 per liter. Diesel will be reduced from Naf 21.80 per liter to Naf 1.65 per liter.

Oil prices have also reached a level where a reduction can also be made in LPG cylinders (cooking gas). A 20lbs LPG cylinder will now cost Naf 28.80 down from Naf 39.60. A 100lbs LPG cylinder will now cost Naf 108.00 down from Naf 130.00.

Since the last price adjustment two weeks ago, international crude oil prices have continued to decline as the global economy slows down and oil demand weekens. Crude oil prices edged below $50 per barrel just last week, compared to July when oil prices were trading at $145 per barrel. 

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