Five Saban Nursing Assistants graduated

On Saturday 15th November in the afternoon there was much joy amongst five graduates at the Emergency Operations Center in The Bottom.

Mrs. Janice Massiah, Mrs. Patricia Hassell, Mrs. Carrol Lavia, Mrs. Jasmat Dasrat and Ms. Sislene Matthew all graduated as Nurses Assistants. The ladies has been following a six months course in Accelerated Nursing Assistant. This course was given to the ladies under the Education Department of the St. Maarten Medical Center.

The ladies followed an oral examination and all of them were very successful. Mrs. Patrica Hassell received the honors of Cum Laude of her class. Among the family members and friends that came out on Saturday to support their loved ones were Lt. Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner of Public Health Mr. Bruce Zagers, Island Council woman Ms. Akilah Levenstone, Mr. Antonio Pantophlet and Mrs. Brunilda Illidge and colleagues of the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center and the Honorable Henry Every Old Age Home.  

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Mr. Antonio Pantophlet and Mrs. Brunilda Illidge traveled to the island of Saba every Saturday once weather permitted to gave the course to the five graduates and told the nurses that this is just the beginning for them and they must not stop there.

In the next two weeks Mr. Pantophlet and Mrs. Illidge will be back on Saba to Accelerated Licensed Practical Nurse Course (LPN) a group of 14 nurses from both the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center and the Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home will participate in the course which is mandatory.

Commissioner of Public Health Mr. Bruce Zagers said that he is extremely happy to see that our nurses are ready and prepared to upgrade their skills. With the coming changes constitutionally we need to make sure that our own people are being trained in the right manner to take on the many challenges. He congratulated the nurses and the instructors of the course. Also addressing the nurses were Lt. Governor of Saba Mr. Jonathan Johnson who told the nurses to continue on, it may not be easy, but we have all confidence in all of you that you will be now able to perform in a much professional manner. Their will be sacrifices, but in the end it will definitely benefit you personally and the island in general.