The foundation Environmental Protection In the Caribbean

The foundation Environmental Protection In the Caribbean (EPIC) invites all schools, churches, clubs, and service organizations to schedule free environmental education presentations or field trips, with a focus on our wetlands and the Simpson Bay Lagoon.  

EPIC welcomes its Environmental Education Specialist, Ms. Meghan Kelly, who is a U.S. board certified teacher with several years experience with innovative methods of educating people about our natural world. A unique aspect of her training is environmental science lessons combined with character development skills. For example, participants can draw parallels between their own lives and events which take place in the environment around them. Other possible focus areas include wildlife, habitats, and conservation issues. Ms. Kelly will be available for presentations, field trips, and after-school events from November 17-December 23 2008.

As we increase pressure on our environment, it is essential that we understand how our actions and decisions impact the world around us. This is especially true in a tourism based economy dependent upon a beautiful and functioning environment. To ensure a bright future for nation St. Maarten, EPIC encourages public education about local ecology and conservation through these free presentations and activities.

Those interested in participating should contact Natalia Collier at nc******@ep*********.org .

For more information on EPICâ??s Love the Lagoon project visit

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