There is no rift between Maartenâ??s governor, Franklyn Richards and the island and senior civil servants, in connection with an advice prepared by senior civil servants pertaining to payment of bills incurred by the governor.

As in any and all organizations, there are, at times, differences of opinion in approach to all matters and the implementation of advice. Within the civil service organization of St. Maarten, there is no difference.

The relationship developed between the governor of the island territory of St. Maarten and the island secretary, has always been and still is a highly professional one, in keeping with the goals, objectives and directives of the organization. The same could be said of the relationship existing between senior civil service staff, including directors and heads of departments.

It has been customary that any advice prepared by the civil service for consideration by the government is dealt with the necessary discretion and it is regrettable that attempts are made to discredit this procedure.

As such, a print media report published on Monday, October 13, does not reflect the current situation accurately and unfortunately leads to unnecessary speculation.

It is also deemed most unfortunate that National Alliance leader, Mr. William Marlin opted not to take whatever concerns he may have to the governor of the island territory, before going to the media. 

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