NAGICO Insurances has continued to maintain a high level of social responsibility by sponsoring the Positive Foundation and its activities for the 10th consecutive year. Funds from the donation were channeled towards the Positive Foundationâ??s week of activities including the 10th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk or Run which was held at the Port de Plaisance Hotel Resort. The walk / run was a resounding success with 420 participants walking 2400 kilometers collectively.

NAGICO is built around principles such as "giving back to the community", this practice has allowed non-profit organization such as the Positive Foundation to achieve their goals. Positive Foundation President Shelly Alphonso commented on the sponsorship, "NAGICO Insurances understands the needs of the community and we are grateful that they have consistently supported our efforts", she added "We have a great relationship with NAGICO. Management is very supportive of the Positive foundation and many other groups on the island" 

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Since its inception in 2007, NAGICO Life has supported the Positive Foundationâ??s public education drive. NAGICO Life Manager Howard Chengajune said "The Positive Foundationâ??s education program is very worthwhile to the St. Maarten community, and there is a definite link between NAGICO Life and the work of the Positive Foundation because their work is centered around Life preservation and being proactive when planning for life." For the second year, NAGICO Life has sponsored the production of some of the shower guides given out by the foundation. These are cards that provide directions on how examinations for breast and testicular lumps could be performed at home. The shower guides have been handed out during presentations, lectures, to other organizations and at the NAGICO head office. Mr. Chengajune continued "These guides are important for everyone, the client and the company. Early detection is a practice that should be encouraged within the community."