Commissioner Wescot-Williams Message on World Post Day

Leader of Government Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams, congratulates all those who work in the postal system on the island on the occasion of World Post Day which will be celebrated around the globe on October 9.

Billions of parcels, letters and express mail items continue to be delivered by post to people all over the world. The theme for this yearâ??s observance is, "A postal sector resolutely looking towards the future."

The Universal Postal Union adopted a new world postal strategy by countries attending the 24th Universal Postal Congress in Geneva last July and August. The new strategy encourages market growth and the interconnection of network, and promotes tighter governance in the sector.

"The Postal sector has to keep up with the pace of globalization, market liberalization and the development of new information technology. These will determine the success or downfall of the postal system.

"The postal system of the 21st century has to continue to adapt and adopt new technologies in order to keep pace. As our nation moves ever closer to the status of country, the postal services are expected to continue to play a role in our community.

"On World Post Day, I congratulate those who work diligently and serve our community on a daily basis in delivering the mail," Leader of Government Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).  

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