Commissioner Laviest tours new Government Administration Building

This afternoon, Commissioner Louie Laviest toured the new Government Administration Building on Pond Island, along with Project Manager Elso Kraai and Facilities Services Head, Rick Martina.

The commissioner was updated by Mr. Kraai on the progress of the building, from division of the office spaces to the actual locations of designated service desks, which will be of assistance to the general public. Kraai pointed out features that the new building will have, such as limited access by civil servants to other departments, efficient office spaces, and good and efficient use of light.

Commissioner Laveist observed the progress being made, and indicated that though there were some technical interruptions, the project is making headway with the projected date of mid next year. 

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All departments, Commissioner Laviest said, will be in the new Government Administration Building except for the Fire and Ambulance Departments, Island Receivers, and the Tourism Bureau.

The additional building, D, which is designated office space for the Tax Department and the Island Receivers, is to begin construction next year.

Currently, the contractors who were awarded the job for the technology infrastructure are busy installing the wiring and other such connections. As well, the partitioning and the electrical wiring are taking shape on the first floor.

Commissioner Laviest said that the new Government Administration Building will be ultra-modern, and will have a one-stop-shop information desk that will provide information and service to the general public.