Haiti, donations coming in

The "St. Maarten Christian Council" is happy with the immediate response to the request to the general population to contribute to alleviate the situation in Haiti after the hurricanes that hit Haiti.

As a Christian community, the churches are greatly concerned about the plight of the people of Haiti and other areas touched by the passing hurricanes. But as a St. Maarten Christian Council we must urged our people to continue to donating to the cause.

The Council congratulates the teachers and students of the Lionel Connorschool in Cape Bay for being among the first to give to the people in Haiti. The school donated quite a substantial amount that the students and teachers worked hard on gathering. We encourage other schools to follow and the entire community to carry donations, monetary as well as clothing to one of the affiliated members of the St. Maarten Christian Council, the ST. MAARTEN SALVATION ARMY. Members of the various churches are encouraged to take monetary and or clothing donations to the property of the St. Maarten Salvation Army in Colebay. The building is open from 8.00am-8.00pm and someone will be there to take your donation. Follow the lead of the students and teachers of the Lionel Connor School! 

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