Windward Islands Police commemorates police anniversary

The Windward Island Police Corps is joining their counterparts from throughout the Netherlands Antilles in marking the 56th anniversary of the Netherlands Antilles police force.

The acting chief of the Windward Islands police force, Richard Panneflek, is extending congratulations to the communities of the Windward Islands and to all members of the Netherlands police force and the Windward Islands police force, in particular.

Present initiatives being taken with regards to the police force, are to meet the changing needs of the police organization and its ability to respond to the needs of the community.

The police force has matured, throughout its 59 years of existence while maintaining the standards of a greatly respected law enforcement body.  

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At present, both men and women serve in the police force and they perform police work wherever and whenever they are needed, much to the credit of the force.

The police management team is proud to be counted among the members of the Windward Islands police force and certainly look forward to the realization of the ongoing re-organization efforts.

The police management team takes great pleasure in recognizing and saluting the men and women of the Windward Islands police force on the occasion of the 59th anniversary of the police force of the Netherlands Antilles. In a time of unprecedented change and challenges, the police force has answered the call to duty.

Throughout the years, the mission of the police organization has evolved in many ways to meet the changing needs of the community. And although the police force has evolved and adapted to todayâ??s needs, there has never been a change in the fundamental nature of the organization: it is an independent body and indispensable to law enforcement.

With a legacy of service, integrity and excellence behind them, the members of the police force, still active today, can march on in the footsteps of the many men and women who have served in the police forces of the Netherlands Antilles, including those who were among the very first police officers to serve in the Windward Islands.