The October 1 celebration of the 59th anniversary of the Netherlands Antilles police corps is not merely a celebration of the time that had passed, that is intended to make us nostalgic. More than a marking of a calendar day, it is also a time to reflect on what has happened in the past year, and what is being accomplished and what has changed from a year ago, when similar commemorations were observed.

So says St. Maartenâ??s Local Chief of Police, Franklyn on the occasion of the anniversary, observed on St. Maarten with a church service and a brunch.

According to Richards, this yearâ??s commemoration should be seen against the background of some bold and difficult, yet hopeful steps, taken by authorities, to bring improvements to the police force.

In extending congratulations to the management and members of the Windward Islands Police Corps, Richards says that he fully supports the police force in realizing a vision that can be attained through the ongoing efforts from within the force itself.  

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"The task of acquiring a deep and profound understanding of and appreciation for those changes must be personal to each and every member of the police force", he says.

On this 59th anniversary of the Netherlands Antilles police corps, "I celebrate these inspiring goals and what it would ultimately mean for country St. Maarten. From this point on, we should look forward to further crystallizing our goals and overcoming the challenges", says the Local Chief of Police.

Richards expresses the hope that the celebration would not just be the marking of an anniversary, "but a toast to the success of the first beginnings to making our police the kind of police force meeting the needs of the community in the near future â?? when St. Maarten is expected to have its own adequately functioning police force".