SBO Information session with business community to address past efforts and future opportunities

The Secondary Vocational Education (SBO/SVE) Information Session for all possible providers of SBO, government departments, and representatives of the business community, employer and employee organizations, that will take place Thursday, October 2 at the Great Bay Hotel Conference Room from 3.45pm to 5.30pm, will address past efforts and future opportunities related to vocational education.

Head of the Department for Educational Research, Policy and Innovations Patricia Lourens, told the Government Information Service (GIS) that the information session will provide an insight about past efforts related to the establishment of the SBO Service Center; the current situation; and future opportunities.

Business leaders and other government and non-governmental organizations will be informed about collaborative efforts that need to be developed and solidified in order to be able to further serve the interests of all parties concerned. 

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The SBO Service Center was established by the Island Government to coordinate and support the accreditation process and organization of advanced SBO courses. It is seen as an investment in those seeking to further their education and, thus, in the economic future of the nation as a whole.

A formal education is an important determinant of individual earnings as well as economic growth. Given the demand for skilled workers in the labour market, if the nation is to stand any chance at all of surviving economic challenges, an investment in vocational education and training at the secondary level is essential.

Individuals must therefore acquire the necessary education and skills and knowledge to increase their value in the labour market and the SBO Center along with its partner SBO educational institutions have provided the avenue and link to the business community and the labour market.

Education, training and experience are the three main mechanisms for enhancing the human capital which is at the forefront of SBO education.

SBO/SVE education is very important in improving and further developing the skills of the nationĂ¢??s workforce.