Councilman George Pantophlet asks : ”Will we need a bailout?”

National Alliance councilman George Pantophlet says the present financial crisis in the U.S. should be seen as a warning for us on St. Maarten. Even in Europe they are feeling the squeeze. High energy and food cost has made life miserable for the people on St. Maarten. Businesses and the people are facing tremendous hardship and the director of the Central Bank said that the Netherlands Antilles has not felt the effects as yet but the commissioner of Economic Affairs said the outlook for 2008 is good. But the people on St. Maarten almost took to the streets because of the pressure of high electricity bills. Fact is that Gebe N.V. is a government owned company and government should tell the people when and why the fuel clause was instituted. What is government doing about the crippling affects this is having on the people of St. Maarten? In WednesdayĆ¢??s press briefing only the leader of the Democratic Party was present. What do you call that? On April 9, 2008 I sent a letter to the Executive council with some suggestions on how to deal with the situation one of them being that all stakeholders should get together to come up with solutions. What has happened so far? I am again calling on the Executive council to urgently convene a meeting with all stakeholders to determine the way forward. You claim to have the experience do something with it.  

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