Group of young men attacks and wounds another

On Friday August 29th at approximately 09.00 p.m. the patrol of the Philipsburg District was sent in the vicinity of the Jose Lake Ballpark form a case of mistreatement. On the scene all parties had already left. However the victim in this case with initials L.S. who was later located at his home had a swollen left eye and a cut in his forehead. He stated that while walking with three other friends on the L.B. Scot road, in the vicinity of Cake House, he was suddenly attacked and beaten by a group of six other young men. He was punched in his face by one of the men and struck with a machete in his forehead by one of the other men. As a result of the attack he sustained the wounds in question. The victim was taken by a family member to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for treatment. An official complaint has been filed with the detective dept. and an investigation into this case is ongoing. 

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Man seriously mistreated/robbed/left for dead.

On Sunday August 30th at approximately 03.00 a.m. the traffic police was directed to Archroad for some one who was hit by a car and left behind in a helpless situation. On the scene the officers of the traffic dept. noticed that this was not a traffic accident, but this was a case whereby the victim who was lying in pool of blood, was severly mistreated with a very sharp object. The victim with initials E.M.D. had several large open wounds to his head and arms from which he bleeding profusely. The victim was treated on the scene by paramadics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The victim was then admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for further treatment. The detectives from the Forensic Dept., Homicide Division and Special Robbery Unit were notified, to investigate what type of criminal act had taken place. During their investigation it resluted that the victim was attacked by a man with machette, mistreated, robbed and left for dead lying on the street. The investigation done by the detectives led to the arrest of the suspect in this case with initials A.R.G., from Sint Maarten, 20 years old. During a search at the home of the suspect, a gold chain and pendant, U.S.$ 72,- belonging to the victim and the machete with which the crime was committed were found. These items were all confiscated in connection with further investigation. The investigation continues.