Persons still not checking in advance passport expiration dates

Persons still not checking in advance passport expiration dates

Staff at the Census Office report that persons are still coming to the Census Office with expired passports and having to travel abroad a day or two later.

The Census Office is appealing to residents to check the expiration date of their passport and to have this renewed three to six-months before that date.

"To avoid an embarrassing situation at the airport whereby you show up with your passport and the airline ticket attendant observes that your passport has expired, just take a few minutes on a regular basis to check the expiration date and within three to six months from that date, have your passport renewed.

"You cannot travel on an expired passport. Before making reservations to travel, check the expiration date on your passport. A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies the identity and nationality of the person.

"A valid Dutch passport is required for all to enter and leave foreign countries. Only the Census Office has the authority to grant, issue or verify Dutch passports," Census Office staff members told the Government Information Service (GIS).

For persons applying for a new passport, this process takes 14 days and costs Naf.150.  

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