Commissioner Wescot on State of Affairs

Commissioner Wescot on State of Affairs

Leader of Government, Commissioner Sarah Wescot-Williams hereby announces that on Monday, August 25th, 2008, there will be a State-of-Affairs address given to the public of St. Maarten.

The State-of-Affairs delivery will cover the following topics, namely,

1) Educational Developments

2) Constitutional Developments

3) Financial Developments

                    4) Economic Developments 

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With respect to educational developments, the Commissioner will provide a general update on the educational matters. On the issue of financial developments, specifically, the Commissioner will be discussing the preparations of the Island Government Budget 2009 and the General Kingdom Measure on Financial Supervision related to the Constitutional Developments.

Secondly, on economic developments, Commissioner Wescot-Williams, will be presenting the various actions that Government have undertaken and continue to undertake to address the cost-of-living matters on the island. Additionally, an announcement will be made on fuel prices for all petroleum products namely,

1) Gasoline (ULG)

2) Diesel

3) Cooking gas (LPG, 20 lbs, 100lbs and bulk)