Commissioner Marlin gives speech to Rotary

Commissioner Marlin gives speech to Rotary

Commissioner Roy Marlin was invited to the Rotary Club weekly meeting at Divi Little Bay to give a presentation on the latest developments in the Tourism Sector.

The Tourism industry as a whole, although going through some temporary decreases in activity, will turn around to normal levels after the market has adjustedâ??this is the essence that Commissioner Marlin indicated to a full room of members of the Rotary Club.

The Rotary club is a service club whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders to provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.  

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Commissioner Marlin presented the details, after thanking members of the Rotary Club for inviting him to present on the topic of Tourism. "Concerning the topic of Tourism developments, the tourism industry on St. Maarten is going well. The future looks bright. We have a representative in the Netherlands who is doing our marketing throughout Europe. Thus we are now more active in that market than ever before."

"In other markets we are expanding, namely in the South American marketâ??Brazil and Venezuela. In addition, we are expanding our efforts in focusing on the regional Caribbean market, where much effort will be concentrated along with the small hotel association."

Commissioner Marlin added that along with the marketing efforts, human resources are being developed as well, from continuous training in the industry to educational opportunities in schools in conjunction with businesses.

"We are going to use a statistical information system, which will provide us with much needed data on which a more informed decision can be based. Immigration cards will be used as the primary information gathering instrument."

Commissioner Marlin pointed out that though there may be a decrease currently in transportation traffic to St. Maarten, this will soon turn around with increase traffic. The world and especially Americaâ??s short-term economic decline will affect the tourism market. But when the US economy turns around within short, no doubt the St. Maarten market will return to its former excellent performance.

After his presentation, Commissioner Marlin answered a few questions on the presentation and proceeded to have lunch with the organization.