Commissioner Wescot-Williams back to school message

Commissioner Wescot-Williams back to school message

Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams, welcomes students, teachers, support staff and school administrators back to school for the 2008-2009 school year.

Thousands of students during the course of the week of August 11 will move back into the class room. Before that, principals and teachers as well as others worked diligently planning and preparing during the summer holidays for the return of students and staff.

"I am very pleased to see the new school year kicking off so well. It is a very important period in the lives of all our students as they move on to another grade or another school. Through the individual commitment of all, our students can graduate with the necessary knowledge, skills and values making them successful citizens in our community. 

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"At each level of education, students are prepared for the next level of what should be an exciting journey. My message to the students is if you believe that you can learn and that you must, then you must also accept that your learning is your business and your responsibility. We are in an ever-changing society and globalized economy where education today is the key building block for any career advancement. Your attitude towards school must be positive, as learning is a continuous process," Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams told the Government Information Service (GIS).

Commissioner Wescot adds that our schools are challenged to raise the standard of performance of all students, even as they compete with the many and varied distractions in our society.

"The quality and commitment of our teaching body is a vital contributory factor to the achievement of our students. I take this opportunity to thank our teachers and to encourage them to continue to give their best to ensure that child in their care learns during the new school year.

"Parents also have a very important role to play in their childâ??s educational development. Their role is critical in the eventual success of their children and they therefore must support them every step of the way during their educational journey.

"I believe that every child can learn and every child must learn in order to succeed. As a nation we all have to take responsibility for this. I am confident that all of us, working together, can create a culture of excellence at all levels within our society where education is concerned.

"It takes parents to support their children in their efforts to learn; teachers to provide the avenues for young minds to develop; and for communities to take ownership of schools in order for us to continue to develop our island-nation," Commissioner of Education Sarah Wescot-Williams concluded.