Entyce Band going to Miami

Entyce Band going to Miami 

The Entyce Band from Saba is now busy preparing for their Miami tour in October. The band is scheduled to be traveling to Miami to take part in the Miami carnival.

Promotions for the Miami trip started just after the Saba Carnival and members of the band is now busy practicing very hard in order to go out there and represent the island to the best of their ability. This will be the first time that the band will be traveling to Miami and they are planning to introduce their type of music to the American market in October.

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Manager of the band Ms. Lucia Woods said on Thursday afternoon that the possibility also exist for anyone that would like to travel along with the band to take up contact with her in order for her to make the necessary arrangements. We are now working on our travel arrangements and place to stay while in Miami for one week.

The members of the band is really looking forward to this trip as it is the very first time that a local Saba band will be making this break through. In the coming weeks we will be holding several fundraisers in order to help us cover some of the cost of the trip and we are already thankful to the community of Saba for supporting the band during the just concluded carnival on Saba. The band has been performing on St. Maarten and St. Martin and became band of the year on French St. Martin earlier this year. We have our 2008 CD on sale and we are promoting it as much as possible.

Our first fundraising will be held on Friday, August 8th 2008, we will be holding a road block on the Matthew Levenstone Street from 6.00 p.m. until and food and drinks will be on sale. We are inviting the general public of Saba to come out and support the band bearing in mind that these are a group of young boys that are trying to do something positive for the island and themselves Ms. Woods said. We have to support our own in order for them to make it in the musical world.

It is expected that the community of Saba would come out in great numbers to support the band as they prepare for their Miami trip.