Saba Carnival 2008

 Carnival come and gone

Carnival 2008 ended on Sunday evening with the burning of King Momo to the tune of the Impak Band from Aruba. The population of Saba for the past 7 days enjoyed what could be considered a successful 2008 carnival despite the late preparations of the event for 2008. due to the last minute preparations there was a limited amount of groups that participated but several revelers did however organize themselves at the alt minute to make it a successful venture.

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The Tropical Revelers came out on Saturday and Sunday with some costumes and T-shirts in order to help make it great and on Sunday, the Breadline Crew which was sponsored by Coors Light came out in full force and demonstrated that they could also be a part of the great event. The children group Wild Willd West and the two individual revelers also put on a good showing for the very first time. Three bands participated in the two day jump ups and they were the Small Axe Band from St. Kitts, the Rebels Band from St. Eustatius and the Entyce Band from Saba. In general terms the Small Axe Band was the best band that performed on Saba streets during the parades and they made good use of their musical experience to show that they are one of the Caribbean big bands.

Some of the major sponsors on the road for this year was Chippie, Robbie’s Lottery, Coors Light and Caribbean Liquors on St. Maarten. Sponsorship from Saba this year self was very limited. Both commissioners Chris Johnson and Bruce Zagers was also two of the great sponsors in this year carnival parade. It is the very first time that the island has seen their commissioners go all out to help make carnival a great success.

Preparations for Carnival 2009 started last evening self as many revellers stated that they will not wait before starting with their planning. The Saba Cultural Foundation is expected to meet soon with Commissioner of Culture Mr. Bruce Zagers to evaluate the 7 days of carnival and see where improvements has to be made.