Dr. Claude Wathey should be recognized says Mr. Dave Levenstone

 Dr. Claude Wathey should be recognized says Mr. Dave Levenstone

Leader of the Democratic Party of Saba, Mr. Dave Levenstone on Sunday afternoon issued a call on the ruling Democratic Party on St. Maarten to recognize the former leader of the party and outstanding political leader of St. Marten Dr. Claude Wathey in a much better manner. I happen to be on St. Maarten on Thursday last when they were honoring the late great leader by laying wreaths etc. at his bust in front of the Government Administration Building and did not feel the true spirit of a man that did so much for his island and its people.

The ruling Democratic Party of St. Marten should go to the Island council and declare July 24th as Dr. Claude Wathey day, the day should be a public holiday on St. Maarten instead of just wreath laying and nice speeches.

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Dr. Claude Wathey has done so much for the island of St. Maarten and its people and he deserves to be recognized in a much better form and fashion. We hear politicians talking about emancipation day and all sort of other days but nobody really honors the life of a man that worked hard for his people, and the developments on the island today is and should be thankful for the great vision that Dr. Wathey had for his island and its people.

Levenstone said that he has already forwarded his idea to Mr. Marcel Gumbs with the hope that he will be able to convince the members of the Democratic Party within the Island Council to table a proposal on the floor of the Island Council of St. Maarten. The Old Man should be remembered in a much better way and not just with nice speeches and the laying of wreaths which will be thrown away after a while. The Dr. Claude Wathey Political Museum should be also established in Philipsburg around the area where the old man lived.

The younger generation of St. Maarten really needs to know who was the man that did so much for St. Maarten during his reign as the political leader of the island, Levenstone said.