S4 Prepartory course a huge success!

 S4 Prepartory course a huge success!

S4â??s Second Annual Preparatory Course, which finished on Friday, July 4, 2008 at the Philipsburg Community Centre, was a huge success. The closing ceremonies included skits exhibiting what the students learnt throughout the week. These skits were not only very creative, showing the diverse talents in this group of students, but the audience found themselves laughing for the majority of the evening as they were also quite comical.

Leading up to the closing ceremonies were various workshops and information sessions from the Public Health Department, Police Department, and Boogard Insurances. Other workshops and information sessions were given by Ms. Yvonne Damberg on effective study skills. Ms. Damberg, a clinical psychologist and former lecturer at Albeda College who recently moved back to the Netherlands Antilles, was also the keynote speaker. Her speech highlighted her personal experiences in the Netherlands as well as informing the students of what to expect and the skills set necessary to succeed in the Netherlands.

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One of the workshops that received great acclamation, was the Money Management Course given by former student and S4 employee, Ms. Candia Joseph. Ms. Joseph not only gave the breakdown of possible incomes and likely expenses but highlighted how to lower the interest bearing loan from the Informatie Beheer Groep (IBG).

On Saturday, July 5, 2008, after the official closing of the course, Drs. Richardson spoke to a full house of parents and students who will be attending MBO schools and/or are under 18 years as there are special considerations and information pertaining to them. Those who are underage received information regarding the new legislation on guardianship, regulations, and S4â??s role as guardian. Those who are pursuing an MBO program were informed in detail of the intake assessment, what to expect from that, and its possible consequences should they fail the test. The students were encouraged to prepare themselves for the test before travelling to the Netherlands.

S4 would like to thank all assisting organizers, facilitators, and helpers for their contribution to the success of this program. S4 would also like to thank the students for active participation and for being receptive to the information being given as well as parents who showed up in large numbers.