Saba Island Council updated on dismantling process

 Saba Island Council updated on dismantling process

In keeping with its task to provide information about the state of affairs regarding the dismantling of the Country the Netherlands Antilles, the Core Group of the Project Organisation POLNA gave a presentation to the Island Council of Saba on Monday morning. A similar presentation is scheduled for today, Tuesday in St. Eustatius.

POLNAâ??s Core Group Chairman Geomaly Martes explained the background, the approach and planning of the dismantling process. He elucidated on the structure of the Project Organisation Dismantling POLNA and provided a short review of what has been done so far. Members of the Island Council received the latest details on a phased dismantling and the status of the transfer files of the federal ministries. Communication and feedback with the island territories is one of POLNAâ??s premier tasks.

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The dismantling process is currently in the inventory and proposals phase. The next phase is the execution phase in which the actual transfer of tasks and responsibilities to the new entities will take place. The execution phase will start in January 2009. In phase four, after January 2010, the remaining activities will be wrapped up, for example the division of assets and liabilities, and the archives. The original target date of December 15, 2008 has been abandoned, because it was no longer deemed feasible. The dismantling process will now take place in phases whereby the island territories will receive more authority when they are ready.

Present at Mondayâ??s meeting were Lt. Governor Sydney Sorton, Commissioner Chris Johnson, Councilmen Rolando Wilson and Carl Buncamper, and Island Secretary Menno van der Velde. Members of the Island Council had various questions on the process and shared their views. The members agreed cooperation with the other islands and the input of the Central Government was important in the process of becoming a â??public entityâ?? (openbaar lichaam) of the Netherlands. Members indicated they were satisfied with POLNAâ??s initiative to update the Island Council via a presentation.

Lt. Governor Sorton remarked at the end of the meeting, which lasted about an hour and a half that it was a good presentation. He noted it was important to share information.