Minister of Telecommunication & Transportation, grants Smitcoms request for fair treatment

 Minister of Telecommunication & Transportation, grants Smitcoms request for fair treatment in Curacao Market

International Telecommunications Company, SMITCOMS N.V., part of the TELEM Group of Companies, is very pleased with the recent decision of the Minister of Telecommunication and Transportation, Maurice Adriaens that UTS is obliged to offer its cooperation in supplying SMITCOMS with the requested services within four weeks of his ruling.

SMITCOMS requested that the Minister intervene to help resolve a dispute between the company and Curacaoâ??s local telecoms company, UTS. As SMITCOMS made known in March of this year, UTS employs a number of unfair practices in attempts to impede SMITCOMS from attaining any reasonable growth in the Curacao market.

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By granting SMITCOMSâ?? request, Minister Adriaens is finally making it possible for SMITCOMS to compete fairly with UTS in Curacao. This will enable the company to offer its products and services at a more competitive price to consumers which will make telecommunications services more readily available. SMITCOMS will be able to offer cheaper service to the Curacao population.

"SMITCOMS has the expertise and infrastructure to offer a positive contribution to the Curacao telecoms market and the population of Curacao as a whole." says SMITCOMS Managing Director a.i., Mr. Eldert Louisa. He is very pleased with the ministersâ?? decision, because it shows that hard work, integrity and perseverance are always rewarded. "SMITCOMS has always sought to compete with UTS in a reasonable and fair manner, both in Curacao and St. Maarten."

SMITCOMSâ?? Manager Commercial & Business Development op Curaçao, Patrick Dowling: "The economy in Curacao is in an upsurge and has a great potential for further growth. Telecommunication technology and Internet are essentially important for further economic development. One of the key elements in achieving economic success is the availability of high quality, affordable and customer oriented telecommunication services. Thanks to the ministersâ?? decision SMITCOMS will soon be able to offer competitive and buyer oriented products, which will benefit the entire Curacao community"

SMITCOMS has contacted UTS to make clear that they are entirely willing to meet and come to a mutually acceptable agreement to carry out Minister Adriaensâ?? wishes.