EAC Steps Closer to Launching Regional Youth Network

 EAC Steps Closer to Launching Regional Youth Network

The Evangelical Association of the Caribbean (EAC) stepped closer to the launch of its Caribbean Youth Network (EAC-CYNET) with a week of training in Barbados which concluded last Friday night at the Blue Horizon Hotel in Christ Church, Barbados.

The process started in January 2007 when five people including Victorious Living Foundationâ??s director, Erna Mae Francis, MA, DD met in Jamaica to discuss the development of a youth arm within EACâ??s regional networks. More than 20 young people then met in St Maarten in May 2007 and affirmed the need for a youth network. A Facilitation Committee was formed to take the process forward. That committee has developed a mission statement and core values for the network.

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Last weekâ??s training session was intended to bring together potential network leaders and give them the opportunity to build synergy while working through the practical skills and theological framework for transformational leadership. According to Bishop Gerry Seale, EACâ??s General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer, the goals of the training were all met: 

o Each participant understands the principles and concepts (theological & practical) of transformational leadership.

o Each participant is able to construct and implement a Key Objective and Project Plan.

o Each participant understands the rudiments of organizational structure and how to build it.

o Work groups used to build synergy among these emerging leaders and sharpen their learning experience during the seminar.

o Participants return home capable of implementing and teaching the principles to others. Each participant is expected to train 50 youth within the next six months.

UNICEF partnered with EAC in this training and Bishop Seale expressed his deep appreciation for the financial and technical assistance rendered by UNICEF and its staff.

The Facilitation Committee has now been dissolved clearing the way for the development of EAC-CYNETâ??s leadership team. That process is expected to commence on Friday, June 27. Work has already begun on developing national youth networks in Guyana, Suriname, Guyane (French Guiana), and Curaçao. While the networks are at different stages in each countries, work is expected to start on an additional five networks before the end of the year.