Planning a vacation, have your travel documents in order

 Planning a vacation, have your travel documents in order

Head of the Census Office Leona Marlin, is calling on the community to check the status of their travel documents if they are planning a trip or vacation for the school holiday period.

Persons should check to see that they have a valid passport before making travel plans and if their passport has expired to immediately make arrangements at the Census Office to have the passport renewed.

A passport is an internationally recognized travel document that verifies the identity and nationality of the person. A valid Dutch passport is required for all to enter and leave foreign countries. Only the Census Office has the authority to grant, issue or verify Dutch passports.

Persons who should maintain a valid Dutch passport are those with family living or traveling abroad; thinking about a vacation abroad or for any other reasons that would require international travel. In the event of an emergency, already having a valid passport will save time, money and stress.

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