GEBE promotion “Save Some Green” well received at Environmental Expo

 GEBE promotion "Save Some Green" well received at Environmental Expo

GEBE’s Managing Director William Brooks says that GEBE’s campaign Save Some Green at this past weekend Environmental Expo, was well received by visitors who took time out to visit the expo held at the Emilio Wilson Park.

Many visitors were pleasantly surprised to see GEBE participating at the ECO EXPO promoting conserving electricity and water. This year, GEBE has a campaign focusing on energy conservation, which is the first step in helping consumers become environmentally aware. With the rising oil prices resulting in the rising cost of electricity, GEBE wants to help its customers to reduce their electricity consumption and save on their bill.

The electricity and water saving brochures and the free energy saving bulbs that were distributed by the enthusiastic GEBE team that comprised of Maria de Weever, Tara Charles, Steve Duzanson and Giselle Dirckx-Williams, were well received.

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The GEBE team, informed visitors of different ways that they could reduce their consumption while still maintaining their lifestyle and comfort level.

Many people believe that to save energy you have to sweat in the dark. That is not true since there are a number of products now available on the island to help to reduce energy consumption while still enjoying the use of their airco or lighting. For example an energy saving bulb provides the equivalent light, while using 80 per cent less electricity and producing less heat, that saves on electricity and cooling.

The GEBE booth displayed many electricity and water saving products that were provided by local hardware stores such as ACE, Kooyman and Electec. Visitors could leave the expo and buy those products to start saving right away. Newer products such as LED lights were provided by Paul Ideler to demonstrate the new technologies that are being developed to save even more.

"I would like to thank all those who came out to the expo and specifically those who passed by the GEBE booth. We will continue with our campaign to alert customers to the new trends and developments in environmental preservation, cutting down costs and giving tips on how to save on your electricity and water bills," GEBE Managing Director William Brooks stated.