Extreme fire weather conditions continue to exist, public requested to be cautious

Extreme fire weather conditions continue to exist, public requested to be cautious and prevent any form of fire

Fire Commander Winston Salomon is calling on the community to be very conscious of not throwing out lighted cigarettes or matches that could result in a bush fire as extreme fire weather conditions continue to exist.

Persons who would like to burn bush or rubbish in a built up area or on a hillside for agricultural activities, should first contact the fire department for advice. The inappropriate use of fire can endanger lives, property and the environment.

Persons residing in hilly areas where there are vast areas of trees and scrubs should develop a bushfire action plan as well as have prevention work around property implemented.

Fires burn more quickly and with greater intensity up slopes than on flat ground or downhill.  

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"Fires can get out of control. Some fires are caused by carelessness or negligence. Fire precautions should be taken all the year round, but fire risk is particularly high in dry conditions which the island is currently experiencing.

"A person can help by reducing bush fire hazards by acting responsibly. First of all, donâ??t throw out of a moving vehicle lighted cigarette butts or matches.

"For those wanting to burn bush on the hillside or a yard fire to get rid of unwanted litter, just give us a call and we can give some basic guidelines before you use this method called â??burning offâ??. At all times you are expected to act responsibly to ensure that a fire is safe and under control.

"It is vitally important for the public to be extra vigilant during these periods of enhanced fire risks. Steps should be taken to minimize the risk of fire ignition that may lead to tragic losses of lives and costly damage to properties," Fire Commander Salomon told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Sunday.

Those seeking further preventative information can contact the Fire Department at 542-1215, 542-1217, 542-6001 or emergency number 919.