Active Parenting is taking Sint Maarten by storm

Active Parenting is taking Sint Maarten by storm

Thursday May 22, 2008. The Ark Foundation officially closed a six weeks Active Parenting Now Workshop at the Ark Outreach Center. 10 parents were awarded their certificates of participation.

This group of parents is the only group on the Island that participated in the six weeks program Active Parenting Now (APN) for youngsters 5-12 years.

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A total of 15 parents were selected to attend an exciting workshop called Active Parenting Now for parents with children age 5-12 years. These parents were all graduates from the Small Business Learning Program that was organized by the Ark last year in an effort to alleviate poverty. These parents , " part of the Ark Family " as they were called by the president of the Ark, Ms Edna Rijkaard , were all excited and promised to be the role models in our community. Among them were grandmothers and fathers.

The parents expressed their appreciation for the initiative taken by the Ark to equip them with the ness carry skills to cope with their children and grand children in this trying time. The parents can not only quote lines from Dr Popkin, the author of this program, but are also able to demonstrate what they have put into practice.

As one parent said" APN works"

The Ark hereby thanks Mr. Rodney Davis, the trainer who voluntarily conducted these trainings every other Thursday for 6 weeks.

Thanks especially to the parents to follow and apply the learned methods.

We are looking forward to a community with lots of active parents.